To Be Native in the Northwest


The balance of business and tradition is not easy, and might not ever be perfect. Still, when rooted in tradition, business can be approached in a way that both preserves traditions for future generations and also provides economic opportunity.

Tribes are seven generation decision makers. Each decisions that is made by a tribal government reflects the sacrifices of those before us and the future of those yet to come. We must make decisions that have a balance of environmental integrity and economic prosperity, as each decision is vital to the survival of seven generations of native people.

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What impact do tribes have on Washington’s economy?

People are often surprised to hear about the economic impact tribes have in the state. Naturally, they provide for their tribal members. But tribal governments also provide opportunities for surrounding communities. We create 30,000 jobs across the state and invest billions in capital projects as well as goods and services. We make significant grants to nonprofits and other organizations, Want to learn more? Check out

Tell me… how are casinos a public good?

Many folks don’t realize that casino revenue funds educational organizations, cultural programs, and organizations throughout communities. Additionally, that money often develops and operates critical government services.

Learn how Tribes continue traditions of investing in local communities today!

To Be Native in the Northwest


Lands and Water




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