Call for Proposals: Beyond The Frame – To Be Native Symposium

Call for Proposals

Symposium: Beyond The Frame – To Be Native

November 16 & 17, 2018 | Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Public Library is hosting a Beyond The Frame – To Be Native Symposium during National American Indian Heritage Month (November 2018) where themes and concepts are explored by a variety of scholars, historians, and students in lecture, panel discussions, and performance that will deepen our understanding of “Beyond the Frame – to Be Native”.

The symposium will be free and open to the general public.

Call for Proposals

The Symposium Coordinator and Content Team are entertaining proposals for symposium presentations around the subjects listed below or topics that you would like to see presented. We are particularly interested in proposals from Indigenous scholars, historians, artists, and cultural elders. These proposals can be in a variety of formats including lectures (25-40 minutes), moderated panel discussions which present diverse points of view on a particular topic, seminar for a smaller group of attendees, a film or creative presentation with time for audience comment and questions. The Symposium Coordinator will group proposals to provide attendees with sensible and comprehensive opportunities to learn more about the way in which Native Americans and First Nations peoples interact with the legacy of Edward S. Curtis.

Potential Subjects/Topics could be:

  1. Edward S. Curtis—his intent, the impacts of his work, and his legacy
  2. Cultural appropriation: history and context; Indigenous People and Immigration
  3. Native American, First Nations and other Indigenous people’s Arts and Cultural Life from 1900 to present day
  4. Representation and Indigeneity: the narrative—fiction and fact
  5. Sovereignty, Treaties, colonization/decolonization
  6. Literature and Music (as recorded/collected by Curtis; contemporary native art)
  7. Art history-Curtis as photographer; Native American and First Nations artists; arts today
  8. Environment-changing perspectives on where we live: Native, non-native; holistic vs. extraction economy, etc.
  9. Curtis as technology innovator, tinker, creator
  10. Cultural information from Curtis –accurate? Useful? Evaluating Curtis
  11. Other ideas? Or ways to create engaging and transforming sessions

Symposium Schedule

November 16 Friday

  • Opening Reception, Seattle Public Library, 6-8 pm, includes Native American Performance

November 17 Saturday

  • 8 am Registration, breakfast service
  • 9 am Conference Opening Session   
  • 10 am Session IA (Auditorium) Session IB (Room 1, Level 4) Session 1C (Room 2, Level 4) 
  • Noon-2:00 Lunch and Plenary Speaker (Room 1, Level 4, pre-register) 
  • 2 pm Session IIA (Auditorium) Session IIB (Room 1, Level 4) 
  • 4 pm Session IIIA (Auditorium) Session III B (Room 1, Level 4)


How to Submit Proposals


  1. Write a short paragraph (250 word maximum) that describes your proposal which includes the subject, intended audience, and guest panelists. Please explain how this topic furthers the exploration of ideas around “Beyond The Frame: To Be Native”. Include any budget implications, audio visual needs, or other requirements you or your panelists need. We encourage students to submit proposals.
  2. Tell us something about yourself by including a curriculum vita, resume, or other brief summary of your work in this field. Make sure you include your contact information.
  3. Submit your proposal in an email with the subject line: BTF Symposium Proposal. Please include your proposal as a Word document as an attachment to the email.

Email the proposal to

Please direct your questions to Jodee Fenton (, Special Collections, the Seattle Public Library, 1000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104. Phone inquiries at 206 386-4610.